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Meet the Maker


Hey beautiful!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Taylor Nicole Strycker. I am a Christian woman and am very dedicated to my church. I live in Tulsa, OK and am married to the most supportive man, Tyler. Yes, I know. We're cute, "Taylor & Tyler". My mother, Michele, is a huge part of my life and I love her dearly. She is the creator behind Studio Chele. I am a certified teacher and used to teach first grade. I am FINALLY a full-time business owner!!! We are currently in the process of starting IVF, which is a very expensive procedure to help us have children of our own.
Growing up, I was raised in such a creative household. My nana was amazing at everything crafty: painting, sewing, etc. My mom is incredibly organized and always pushed me to be my best self. She always supports me in everything that I do. When I was younger, I helped my mom with her own small business. She would use her creativity to make crafts and we would travel to craft shows together and I loved it. Now, the tables have turned and she is helping me with my business. 
I decided to finally push myself and open my own business in January of 2019. Of course right now, it's going to be small and out of my home, but someday I dream to have my very own store. I wanted to have a business where I can make something that helps women feel empowered and beautiful. It's such a great feeling when someone stops you and tells you they love what you're wearing. When you're wearing my earrings, this is what I hope happens for you. I hope it gives you that boost in your confidence and makes you feel amazing.
I hope that whoever you are, you know that you are beautiful and loved. I hope that you find something from me that you love and makes you feel amazing. That's the whole point of fashion, isn't it? 
Thanks for being a part of my story.